BS5467 LV Power & Control Cables

INTERKAB provide both stock and manufacturing solutions for a broad range of onshore specification power and control cables for supply throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. These include standard products to IEC-60502, British Standards, Cenelec, DIN and VDE specifications, including options for flame retardant and fire resistant cables to IEC-60332 and IEC-60331.

In addition we can accommodate any special requirements including specific non-standard core colours, PVC, XLPE, EPR, HEPR insulations, steel, copper, aluminium wire armour, single and double steel and aluminium tape armour, flame retardant options to category A, B, C and special sheath colours. ICM can also provide solutions for cables suitable for low temperature applications exceeding -50 degrees centigrade and high temperature applications exceeding +200 degrees centigrade.


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