INTERKAB operate a team of qualified industry personnel with many years experience in the management and supply of cables and associated electrical products and equipment to energy industries across the world.

Our product portfolio includes a broad range of cables and associated electrical equipment, manufactured to international specifications and standards. For clients operating in various global markets and whom may require a range of international specification material INTERKAB offer a unique and truly international solution to their cable requirements. INTERKAB manage and control a full library of international cable datasheets and related specifications, our experienced team have a detailed understanding of cables conforming to British, European, Norwegian, American, Australian, New Zealand, IEC and Japanese specifications.

As a service company, our experienced team are available to provide both technical and commercial support to engineering and project management professionals who are continually asked to apply their skills in new sectors and regions of development. We can ultimately assist in the selection of the appropriate cable specification based on the requirements of the electrical installation, environmental conditions, local manufacturing community capabilities and local/international documentation and certification requirements, ensuring not only that the right material is specified but also that there is a smooth supply chain to site.

As a specialist ‘project focused’ cable management company - with not only a detailed understanding of international specifications and the associated standards, but also the global cable manufacturing community and their individual capabilities - we are uniquely positioned to provide the right solution foryour cable requirements regardless of your needs.


We interface directly with a variety of ‘blue chip’ cable manufacturers. As a stockist and distributor we are able to provide immediate solutions for industry standard material manufactured by these major international manufacturing houses.

If the requirement is for a non-stock or project specification item, we can provide fast track manufacturing services within 4-6 weeks. Our relationships with manufacturers enable us to provide clients with smaller requirements minimal penalisation with minimum order quantities. INTERKAB’s product portfolio includes LV power cables, control cables, instrument cables and MV cables up to 66kV, meeting all leading international standards such as British Standard, IEC, VDE, DIN, UL, CSA etc.


Please browse through our product pages for further technical documentation on industry standard cables, if your requirement is for more specialised equipment or for technical support or assistance, please contact our technical team.


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