INTERKAB has Capability for All Types of Projects

Technical & Commerical Support

Our projects division supports major greenfield and brownfield project work from conception to completion, providing commercial and technical assistance during estimating and FEED, the manufacture and supply of bulk quantities of the required cables during EPC through to the supply of stock or fast-track manufactured cables for urgently required top ups. We provide a turn-key service for the project, supporting the Operator, PMC, EPC and any subcontracted equipment manufacturers and service companies whom require cables to the project specification.


Our dedicated INTERKAB projects team brings clarity to the client on the global cable manufacturing community, ensures the client achieves ‘best value’ and that the solution provided meets their requirements in terms of specification, quality, site location and cost.

Cable Management

Providing effective cable management is part and parcel of our service and includes dynamic drum labelling in accordance with the cable installation schedule, on or offsite stock management and call off and ‘buy back’ services for excess cables.