Adding Value to Your Supply Chain

INTERKAB project services add value in several ways. We consider two main areas:

Direct Value

Minimising the cost of cables

Due to our global and flexible manufacturing resource INTERKAB can bring clarity to the global cable manufacturing community, giving clients more procurement options.

Minimising Shipping costs

As we interface with manufacturing resource from across the world INTERKAB can provide materials manufactured either in country or as close to the delivery point as possible, thus minimising shipping times and logistical costs.

Minimising Order Quantities

We achieve this either by taking materials into stock or utilising more flexible manufacturing resources.

Indirect Value

Product Portfolio

INTERKAB provide a broad product portfolio covering a wide variety of cables required on any major project, as such INTERKAB can provide a complete and turn-key solution for the project.

Global Manufacturing Capability and Local Content

Utilising INTERKAB’s unique awareness and understanding of the global cable manufacturing community and capabilities of individual plants, INTERKAB can assist clients operating major projects internationally with technical, commercial and analytical support during design and estimating.

Raising Purchase Orders

How much does it cost to raise a purchase order? INTERKAB can consolidate multiple products types into single order, this includes LV, MV, Instrument, Datacomms, Fibre Optic cables and electrical equipment.

Minimising Top-Ups

INTERKAB provide efficient cable management solutions that minimise the requirement to re-order cables due to cable misuse onsite.

Minimising down time of subcontractors

With INTERKAB providing effective cable management services, minimising re-order levels and managing cable stocks to replenish stock cables at the right time, we minimise the down-time of any subcontracted E&I contractors.

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