Key Differentiators

In the cable industry there are two types of supply company: manufacturers and distributors. One of our key differentiators is bringing a unique service proposition to the market, providing clients with the flexibility of both manufacturing and stock capabilities.

Diverse Product Portfolio

INTERKAB interfaces with a wide range of manufacturers across the world, each with different capabilities and specialist areas. As such, our manufacturing capability and product range extends far beyond that of an individual manufacturer.

Single Point of Contact

Operating in this way, we give clients a single point of contact for multiple cable types, where normally the client may be interfacing with a number of different manufacturers.

Proactive Communication

The project team is focused on managing the manufacturing process from start to completion or arrival on site. A bespoke production control plan and schedule is documented and communicated to the client on a pre-agreed time-frame. This approach gives client purchasers and expeditors additional time and freedom to focus on other commodity purchases for the project.

Technical Support

INTERKAB operates a team of electrical engineers and project management personnel, our technical resource is available to clients for the provision of technical support during FEED.

Commercial Support

As a professional project services company, we extend our support to client estimating teams on projects at FEED stage, providing necessary and accurate budget pricing and cost estimations for major cable requirements on major projects.

Immediate Solutions

As an international stockist, INTERKAB provide the additional services of a stockist of standard materials.

Globally Capable

Our manufacturing capability is truly global, INTERKAB employ manufacturing resource across all continents including:


  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • FSU
INTERKAB Branded Products

We work with a wide range of manufacturers to provide clients with an all-encompassing cable solution regardless of cable type, specification or time-frame. As we supply the product and subcontract the manufacturing it is imperative to ensure that any deliverable products we supply are quality products, synonymous with the INTERKAB brand.

INTERKAB only work with ISO:9001 certified manufacturers and as part of our ISO:9001 certified quality control program we employ an approved manufacturers list which is continually assessed and updated on an annual basis.

Manufacturers must complete and satisfy our stringent ISO:9001 certified vendor qualification and audit program prior to receiving an enquiry. This combined with regular visits to the manufacturing facilities both during order processing and as part of our general quality audit program gives INTERKAB the confidence in our manufacturing resource to ensure we meet both our and the clients quality expectations regardless of manufacturing location or manufacturer.

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Dedicated Project Management

Our dedicated project management team builds a bespoke production control and quality plan for each order detailing each stage of the manufacturing process, time bound milestones, inspection dates, requirements and dates for third party certification, completion, documentation requirements, shipping dates and any specific client requirements. The production control plan forms the foundation of the project delivery documentation and is communicated to the client on a pre-agreed basis to provide proactive feedback to the clients expediting teams.

All materials supplied by INTERKAB are third party approved or certified and full certification and documentation is provided in the final document package supplied with the materials.

As a project management service company INTERKAB ensure full traceability is provided for any material supplied.

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